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National Consultation on: India's Street Children

Topic: State of India’s Street Children: Experiences, Realities and the Way Forward

Date: October 17 & 18, 2007 (Wednesday & Thursday) 10am to 5pm.
Venue: YMCA A/C Conference Hall, 382, New Rasta Peth, Pune 411 011.

Chief Guests

Mr. Mahendra Gaikwad
Govt. of Maharashtra, District Women & Child Development Officer,  Pune

Dr. Amitkumar  Banerjee (Chairman)
Child Welfare Committee, Pune

Topics for discussion and Resource People

  1. State of India’s Street Children (Information’s, Statistics, Real life stories etc.) by Mr. Nishit Kumar (Head Awareness & Advocacy and Ms. Chitra Acharya (Head Services) Child Line, Mumbai
  2. Street children- Vulnerability to Drugs and HIV, AIDS by Dr. Shankar Chowdhury National Professional Officer HIV/AIDS Preventive Education, UNESCO
  3. Street Children and Child Labor by Mr. John Nonhebel (Executive Director, Oasis), and  Mr.Lazarus from Oasis, Mumbai
  4. Street Children, trafficking and Prostitution by Ms.Heenu Singh Executive Director, Salaam Baalak, Delhi
  5. Effective rehabilitation and the way forward by Mr. Gerry Pinto, Advisor Butterflies and former UNICEF program officer (Child Protection), Delhi

Result (Desired outcome): Socio Economic Improvement of India's street children

Proposed Plan of Action:

  1. Strengthening (already available) net work

Directory-NGO, Schools of Social work

    Make use of interested retired Govt. officials
  2. Data Base on
    Street children
    Child Labor
    Situation of children in institutional care
  3. City Concentration & present the data (Document the scenario on street children in Pune)
  4. City level monitoring mechanism
  5. Annual reports on State of children in Pune city
  6. Map the services providers

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