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Saahasee is called to see the poor in our nation empowered and celebrating life in community where dignity, freedom and justice prevail”.

Working in partnership with community based organisations through sustainable development interventions, productively impacting community economics, health, education, housing, related infrastructure and resultantly the quality of life in families.”


In a world governed by economics the poor continue to be a low priority. The marginalized are non entities. We within the urban milieu see this contrast most starkly and the pain of this divide between the rich and the poor is sensed acutely.

Saahasee works towards the empowerment of the urban poor whose sense of dignity and justice is not necessarily governed by only economic factors but factors such as equality of all human beings and equal opportunity for all.

The focal point on which we leveraged all our interventions is the empowerment of women through thrift and credit groups wherein participation, inter-dependance, knowledge enhancement, sharing of knowledge and sustainability are key tenets.
The Rationale of our focus on women and self-help groups is primarily to converge three key elements of sustainable development. The first is socio-economic empowerment of poor communities, the second is leadership development, the third is knowledge enhancement & management. In other words, while we work in general communities offering a variety of services, our success is determined by the communities, managing, governing and carrying this development process through a structured mechanism into poor communities.
It would be important at the outset to mention that with a core group of  25,000 members our outreach service among the slum communities would be meeting a general population of close to half a million urban poor people. 
In our 23 years of experience as a development agency we have come upon a rather appropriate "model" of developing sustainable interventions in the urban poor communities in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore and New Delhi. Within the economically driven emphases of our modern day world, it is a great challenge to continually retain dimensions of caring, sharing, with the so called non-productive groups ( the children, infirmed, the sick, the aged, the widowed etc.) and even more to explore ways and means in which they continue to be a productive part of our urban society.

We have in the recent past made strategic alliances with our community development approaches, interfacing our efforts with other stakeholders that impact decision making and subsequently the quality of life in poor communities. We have also interfaced our interventions with civil society in an attempt to improve the quality of life in the city. Saahasee as a national NGO strives towards building linkages so as to improve the life of the urban poor , their families, their communities in the city and our nation as a whole.

Eddie Mall
Executive Director


Thane & Bhiwandi


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